Friday, February 5, 2016

I Have a Problem with Commitment

Wow, is it really Friday already? Where did the week go? It just disappeared!

The good news is that I got my two training runs in. The bad news is that there were two new yoga classes I wanted to try this week but I missed the first due to a scheduling conflict and I was just too wiped out by 5:30 this afternoon to get myself to the second one.

A friend of mine, a coach at Beachbody, recently opened the Living Healthy Studio where she is offering free group workouts. Kim, Nadine and I tried it out this week. Dark and early on Monday morning we made our way into the freshly painted workout space in the Village Square Shops. It's a nice, inviting environment - a large open area allowing for movement and sweat to happen. We completed the 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio video. I had always done the videos on my own, so it was interesting to do the workout in the group atmosphere. I purposely took it slow as I have a long run this weekend and a very hilly race scheduled next weekend. That said, I do think I have the tendency to push harder when others are around! I was sore all over the next day but it felt good to know I had worked enough to feel the results of my efforts. 

The next day Debby invited me to join her private 21 Day Fix group for motivation and support. Chris and Nadine convinced me that I always do well when I commit to something and have some accountability. So, I reluctantly have agreed.

Why am I reluctant? I have not ever really done this program the whole way through. Although I have done boot camps and boxing camps and seen some pretty good results, I haven't done it on my own. I'm not sure how working out every day will combine with running. I'm hoping it won't be too much for me. I also am not sure about the food part, although that is where I need the largest amount of accountability. I mean, really, do you see how small these containers are?

Those of you who know me well will understand the fact that I'm not an in your face type of person; I kind of like to hide in the background. There are a few hoops to jump through in order to be "in" the 21 Day Fix group. I had to write a statement (see below) on what my goals were and why. I also have to take before pictures (so not a fan of sweaty selfies) and measurements. So, here I go, putting it all out there...wish me luck! 

Why I Want to Try the 21 Day Fix Program

The simple reason I want to do this is to tone up. Of course, it goes way beyond vanity. For the last few years, since I've had my thyroid removed, I've had to adjust to the fact that the scale is not my friend. My relationship with the numbers it produces has changed because I no longer rely on it to tell me the whole story of me. I believe the results I want to see will be determined by "inches lost". So, toning up will be the result of me losing actual fat and gaining strength. The reason I want to do this is: as I look at pictures of myself I am starting to see the "familial shape". I know I'm getting older and life has a way of settling, but I don't want it to settle around my middle. Most members of my family have had that happen and as a result have some pretty serious medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart and cancer scares. I have goals and dreams, such as running and traveling, and I don't want them to be impeded by my health. The goal of toning up and gaining strength will also help me with my running goals in that as I become stronger, my running form and endurance will improve, resulting in an improvement in my running times. While I don't intend to win races, it's always nice to improve upon yourself. I would like to aim to beat my half marathon PR someday, but I can't see that happening with the back fat jiggling and the underarm wings flapping. Long story short, I always do better at keeping my commitment with a bit of accountability. 

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